OTDR Launch Cables

Four OTDR Launch Cables
Photo of 4Fibers Launch Cable with green Connectors SC/APC in handTwo 4Fibers OTDR Launch Cables with SC/APC Connectors

OTDR Launch Cables

Designed in collaboration with optical fiber measurement specialists. Created with attention to details.


  • Corning Fibers
  • Reinforced Connectors
  • Compact Dimensions
  • Small Weight
  • Resistant Housing
  • Innovative Attachment System


Case Dimensions: 140x130x20mm
Weight: <150g (for fiber length <700M)
Fiber Corning Fiber
Standard lengths: 150, 200, 300, 500, 1000m
Fiber types: SM (G652.D, G.657.x), MM
Connectors Types: SC, LC, ST, FC
IL < 0,2dB
RL: UPC>52dB, APC>65dB (wavelenth 1550nm)
Braiding Standard length: 1,2 ~ 1,5m
Additional dielectric coati
 Additional Protective Cap
Double Attachment System

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